ISIS Tortures, Then Executes Iraqi Human Rights Lawyer Samira Salih al-Nuaimi… For Facebook “Apostasy” September 25, 2014

ISIS Tortures, Then Executes Iraqi Human Rights Lawyer Samira Salih al-Nuaimi… For Facebook “Apostasy”

Perhaps because sawing off the heads of Western journalists was getting a bit run-of-the-mill, the Muslim fundies who run roughshod over Iraq and Syria decided to prosecute, in one of their kangaroo courts, an Iraqi lawyer. Samira Salih al-Nuaimi‘s crime? Not believing in the same Allah that these irredeemable pricks do. So they tortured her for five days, and then, after they’d had their fun, they executed her.

Militants with the Islamic State group publicly killed a rights lawyer in the Iraqi city of Mosul after their self-styled Islamic court ruled that she had abandoned Islam, the U.N. mission in Iraq said Thursday. Samira Salih al-Nuaimi was seized from her home on Sept. 17 after allegedly posting messages on Facebook that were critical of the militants’ destruction of religious sites in Mosul.

According to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, al-Nuaimi was tried in a so-called “Sharia court” for apostasy, after which she was tortured for five days before the militants sentenced her to “public execution.” She was killed on Monday, the U.N. mission said. Her Facebook page appears to have been removed since her death.

There is no indication that al-Nuaimi ever gave up her faith — but that didn’t matter to her henchmen.

Among Muslim hard-liners, apostasy is considered to be not just conversion from Islam to another faith, but also committing actions that are so against the faith that one is considered to have abandoned Islam.


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