Relative of Duck Dynasty Clan, Now Running for Congress, Said Sandy Hook Massacre Was the Result of Atheism September 24, 2014

Relative of Duck Dynasty Clan, Now Running for Congress, Said Sandy Hook Massacre Was the Result of Atheism

In June, we learned that Zach Dasher, cousin of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, wanted to run for Congress from Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District.

Zach Dasher (via Facebook)

In many cases, it’s unfair to judge someone by his relatives. In Dasher’s case, it’s perfectly appropriate, since he seems to follow the family’s politics down the line:

“I got to looking around at the problems in politics today, and what I see in Washington, D.C., is no God. There is no God. The elite political class thinks they can be running our lives,” he said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“I think there’s a vacuum in D.C. of people who understand where rights come from. Rights don’t come from men. They come from God.

It came as a shock to me that God wasn’t in D.C., since every politician and party seems to think He’s on their side…

In any case, Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski has uncovered even more of Dasher’s awful statements. On a podcast he once had, Dasher blamed the Sandy Hook shootings on atheism:

Before running for Congress, Dasher was the proprietor of the website, which bills itself as a website and podcast “a website and podcast dedicated to encouraging folks to be willing to think about the deeper questions in life.”

“He was made in the image of God,” [Dasher] said. “But somewhere along the way he believed what the atheist says. He reduced humanity to nothing more than a collection of atoms, to be discarded like an old banana peel. I guarantee you, now this is my hypothesis, that even saw himself as nothing more than chemicals.”

Later, he also blamed post-modernism:

“You wonder why porn is so rampant in our culture. You wonder why video game addiction is so rampant in our culture. It’s a result of post-modernism. It’s a consequence of post-modernity combined with atheism. That all there is, is matter and material. And that all that matters is matter and material.”

He’s jumping into Jerry-Falwell-post-9/11 territory here…

The same episode criticized Richard Dawkins for advocating gun control, and dismissed the idea of “mental illness” having anything to do with it. (“It’s an avoidance of personal responsibility is what it is.”)

It’s not surprising that an ignorant person would resort to dumb, overly-simplified explanations (see: Ken Ham), but if Dasher believes atheism is responsible for evil, voters should be calling his judgment into question. How can anyone trust him to dig deep into any Congressional inquiry when he already *knows* the answer is whatever Christianity tells him to believe?

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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