The Black Mass in Oklahoma Featured 42 Attendees and *Hundreds* of Catholic Protesters September 23, 2014

The Black Mass in Oklahoma Featured 42 Attendees and *Hundreds* of Catholic Protesters

Over the weekend, there was a controversial Black Mass ceremony in Oklahoma. Even the Governor spoke out against it. More recently, Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul S. Coakley sued Adam Daniels and his Dakhma of Angra Mainyu Satanic church because they supposedly stole consecrated communion wafers from the Church for their event, though Daniels returned the wafers to Coakley while saying they were sent to him legally by a priest in Turkey.

So how did the event go?

Only 42 ticket holders attended the actual event (in the 80-seat venue)…

… while hundreds of Catholic protestors stood outside to complain:

“For Catholics, it’s the most grievous offense against God you can commit,” said Francis Slobodnik, who drove in on a bus from Kansas for the event.

“We came down here to show our displeasure in a prayerful, peaceful way, to show our support for God and our faith and to stand up to satan,” said Slobodnik.

Talk about an overreaction… and considering that the 42 attendees included the organizers, band members, at least a couple of atheists who just wanted to check it out, and (I’m assuming) a few journalists who bought tickets to get an inside look at the ceremony, there were probably, like, five actual Satanists who came for the event who had nothing to do with running it. After the event, I’m guessing all of them just went back to their regularly-scheduled lives.

This was a non-issue to begin with and it’s amazing how personally offended so many Catholics got over what they felt was an affront to their faith. As if the Church could survive pedophilia scandals, backlash against its anti-gay policies, and the scientific revolution… but a few dozen people privately gathering in Oklahoma City were going to bring the whole institution down.

(Top image via Shutterstock. Portions of this article were posted earlier)

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