Will the Real Satanists Please Stand Up? September 18, 2014

Will the Real Satanists Please Stand Up?

Here’s the thing about the Satanic Temple: You think Christians don’t like them? Well, other Satanists really don’t like them because they’re misappropriating Satan in order to fight First Amendment cases… which is all well and good for atheists, but where’s the Satan worship, huh?!

That’s the gist of a complaint by other Satanists now that the Satanic Temple has formed a chapter in Detroit and is getting a lot of media attention for other reasons:

“You have to understand, though, that the Satanic Temple is really underplaying the Satan angle and focusing on the atheist and free speech/religion issues in general, which has garnered a lot of support,” [professor and Satanism expert Jesper Aagaard Petersen] said.

The Temples of Satan, however, worships Satan: They exchange blood in marriage rituals, practice magic and even sacrifice goats, [Rev. Tom Erik] Raspotnik said, adding that he’s taken part and eaten the goat afterward.

“I’ve also just killed a goat and buried it,” he said. “I just don’t think it’s that phenomenal to eat.”

Even the Church of Satan, claiming thousands of members worldwide, is quick to distance itself from the Satanic Temple, despite agreement on atheism, individualism and affinity for pentagrams.

He also said the Church of Satan only applies the term “Satanist” to itself; the others are called “devil worshipers or demonolators, not Satanists,” [High Priest Magus Peter Gilmore of the Church of Satan] said in the e-mail.

Wait, did that guy seriously eat a goat and bury it? What the hell…?

Anyway, Satanist-vs-Satanist infighting. I love it. *Hemant gets out popcorn*

If any religious people are pointing and laughing, though, someone please show them a mirror.

And before we get smug, it’s not like atheists are any better — I love Sanderson Jones‘ line about critics of the Sunday Assembly who tell him “the way I don’t believe in God is not the right way to not believe in God.”

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Josh for the link)

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