So Adorable, Yet So Wrong… September 18, 2014

So Adorable, Yet So Wrong…

What happens when you ask questions about religion to a bunch of children? Besides making Richard Dawkins cringe as they announce their religious labels, how much about their family’s faith do they understand?

The Washington Post‘s PostTV wanted to find out so they brought together 14 kids from various cultures. Click on the image below to view the video (and see if you can spot the kids from the Ethical Society).

My favorite line: “Bad people go to Bad Heaven.” What a great euphemism for eternal damnation.

I’ll tell you what would be even more interesting, though. Get these kids back together every year and ask them the same questions, sort of like the Up Series. How many of them will change their minds over time? How many of them will ultimately drop their faith? That’s what I’d love to know.

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