Raelian Cult: Hey, We Want Our Literature Distributed in Florida Schools, Too! September 18, 2014

Raelian Cult: Hey, We Want Our Literature Distributed in Florida Schools, Too!

I have to believe school board members in Orange County, Florida are rethinking their decision to allow all religious and non-religious groups to distribute their literature to schoolchildren, just so they could appease Bible-thumping Christians.

Yesterday, we saw the coloring book that the Satanic Temple wanted to distribute to children.

Now the Raelians, a UFO cult, are joining in on the fun. You remember the Raelians — they’re the ones who claimed in 2002 that they had cloned a human baby. And they want to reach your children:

Raelian symbol

“Religious freedom is either for everybody or it doesn’t exist,” Rael declared in his statement.

He urged Raelians to take Raelian books to the Orange County schools.

“We want to offer students diversity and a more peaceful literature than that of the Bible,” said Raelian Guide Ricky Roehr, who heads the IRM’s North American branch.

“No one should be baptized at a young age or force fed any specific religious dogma,” Roehr explained. “Children should instead be exposed to a variety of spiritual beliefs and philosophies, and to experience them as well if they wish. That way, they can make their own choice when they reach adulthood, without the pressure of their parents or their social environment. That is how the children of Raelian parents are educated.”

Wow… I could get behind this Rael stuff. I’m sure some Christian kids could, too.

Thanks again, Jesus!

(via Sean McGuire)

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