Ken Ham is Writing a Tell-All Book About His Debate with Bill Nye September 18, 2014

Ken Ham is Writing a Tell-All Book About His Debate with Bill Nye

Ken Ham still thinks we’re all talking about his debate with Bill Nye.

Seriously. He thinks we’re all rethinking evolution because of stuff he said.

And he’s finally getting around to writing a tell-all book that will impress nobody.

I can’t believe he didn’t call it I Was There… (Edit: Okay, you all win. It should have been called There’s Another Book…)


Popular AiG speaker and author Bodie Hodge (my son-in-law) and I have written what we believe is a unique and powerful book about the debate — not just dealing with the content of the debaters, but detailing behind the scenes and personal information. We believe this publication (estimated to be well over 300 pages), will be a phenomenal teaching tool, and will be a fascinating read for what has been called by some as “the debate of the century.”

No scientist is calling it the “debate of the century.” Only you are calling it that. Maybe other Creationists. No one else.

And 300 pages?! What the hell happened behind the scenes that needs more than a few pages, tops, to explain? Bill Nye already wrote an article from his perspective (and gave a speech, too) and it wasn’t anywhere close to that length.

But really, what’s in the book?

Many people have lingering questions from the debate and are curious about how, if given more time than I had during the debate, I would have countered Mr. Nye’s claims. This new resource does just that. I encourage everyone who viewed the debate — believer or skeptic alike — to get a hold of this resource. Believers will be equipped to stand firmly on the authority of God’s Word and respectfully dialogue with others. Skeptics will be challenged with the truth of God’s Word, the bankruptcy of evolution and naturalism, and the abundance of scientific evidence for the biblical model of origins.

Okay. So this book is just a copy-paste version of all of his other books… and he’ll get a do-over on all the embarrassing answers he gave during the debate.. even though there’s no new information on his end. (Ken, time wasn’t the problem. Your answers were.)

Arguably, the most memorable moment of the debate was when Nye and Ham were asked what, if anything, would ever change their mind:

Ken Ham essentially said Nothing.

Bill Nye said “One piece of evidence.”

Can’t wait to hear how Ham tries to make up for that…

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