Anti-Gay Biblical Billboard Draws Attention in Tennessee September 17, 2014

Anti-Gay Biblical Billboard Draws Attention in Tennessee

In Portland, Tennessee, there’s a billboard highlighting that Christian love toward LGBT people we always hear so much about:

I love the bit on the bottom right. It’s hard to see in that picture, but it says “paid for by concerned Christians.”

Nothing says I’m concerned about you like threatening you with eternal damnation for acting on your sexuality in a way that doesn’t affect me whatsoever.

So who are these concerned Christians? It’s just one dude and his homophobic buddies:

Ronnie Monday, a Vietnam veteran, is the man behind the message.

He commissioned the billboard and paid for it with donations from some friends. It has been up for four months.

“When the president came out and indicated that he thought that gay marriage was OK, that was pretty much the last straw,” Monday said.

Really? That’s what tipped him over the edge? Just wait until this guy hears about who they’re letting into the NFL these days…

For any journalist covering this story, when you talk to Mr. Monday, here’s what you need to do: Ask him to name any of the other forbidden crimes in Leviticus. Ask him if adultery and getting a tattoo and shaving are equally abominable. Ask him when those billboards are going up.

He’s an ignorant guy to begin with. You should have no trouble getting a perfect sound bite.

This billboard will be up for at least another six months.

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