The Number of Atheist “Churches” is Set to Double in a Single Day September 16, 2014

The Number of Atheist “Churches” is Set to Double in a Single Day

The Sunday Assembly, better known in the media for better or worse as the “atheist church,” plans to launch 33 new groups around the world — more than doubling its current size — in a single day.

Sunday Assembly crowd at Conway Hall in London (Credit: Jack Davolio)

On September 28, inaugural gatherings will take place in the following locations:

Belgium: Brussels
Canada: Toronto, Ottawa
France: Paris
Germany: Berlin, Hamburg
Netherlands: Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Rotterdam
New Zealand: Christchurch

UK: Bournemouth, Glasgow, Lancaster, Norwich, Southampton, Swansea
US: Baltimore & Howard County, Bellingham, Bloomington, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus (no link yet), Denver, Detroit, Madison, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix. Pittsburgh, Rochester, Sacramento, Tulsa, Washington DC

They plan to launch 10 additional assemblies by the end of the year and 15 more will start up in 2015.

Whether or not you think these organized assemblies go against the unwritten “spirit” of atheism, they’re not going away anytime soon. For many attendees, they provide comfort and community that we’re accustomed to seeing only in church-like settings.

By the way, they help the community, too. On average, existing assemblies performed 154 hours of community service in the first half of this year.

So good luck to all the new assemblies. Hopefully, they’ll encourage more religious doubters to jump over to the atheist side.

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