Owner of Faith-Based Preschool Accuses Groupon of Religious Discrimination September 15, 2014

Owner of Faith-Based Preschool Accuses Groupon of Religious Discrimination

The owner of Munchkin’s Preschool in Mesa, Arizona claims that Groupon is discriminating against his business because it’s “faith-based”:

Munchkin’s Preschool in Mesa said the international company refuses to work with it due to a policy that prohibits its use of the words “faith-based” in its advertising.

Tracy Tingue, a partner of Munchkin’s Preschool, contacted Groupon to set up a campaign to attract business to the new school, something he said other local preschools and day cares have used and is a key part of the school’s business strategy.

Tingue said what Groupon told him was that the savings giant simply would not do business with the school.

Tingue said his friends who run businesses have asked their sales representatives and received confirmation that Groupon’s policy excludes the school for its faith-based slogan.

A press release from the company adds:

We have an email from their employee stating that is the sole reason why they wont work with our preschool. Its upsetting that in this day and age a company as nationally known as Groupon is rejecting our small business based off of our faith…

If a Groupon employee said that, the employee doesn’t know what s/he’s talking about.

Maybe Tingue is just trying to draw attention to his business any way he can — it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done that — but Groupon has no official policy against faith-based groups.

Not only did Groupon make that clear…

In response to inquiries, Bill Roberts, director of communications for Groupon, said, “We don’t have a policy prohibiting faith-based businesses from running on Groupon.”

… it’s not hard to find religious deals on the company’s website.

Another Groupon employee told me via email:

There are also many reasons a business might not get on Groupon – tons of them apply and are turned down on the regular. There are certain standards they look for in a business that this school might not have had.

Needless to say, there’s no evidence of discrimination at play here. Maybe there’s a misunderstanding, or maybe the preschool just wasn’t selected for any number of reasons, but we know all too well that conservative Christians love to play victim when they don’t get their way.

(Thanks to Brooke for the link)

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