Canadian Family Faces Deportation Back to Cameroon, Which Could Result in Forced Female Circumcisions September 10, 2014

Canadian Family Faces Deportation Back to Cameroon, Which Could Result in Forced Female Circumcisions

When Hilary Fuh-Cham and his wife Yvette Fuh-Cham left Cameroon in 2007, they were hoping to find a permanent home in Canada. But despite two of their kids being born in the country, they still haven’t been granted refugee status — and they may be deported by next month.

The problem with that?

When [Hilary] Fuh-Cham had to take up the role of sub-chief after his father’s death, it meant the women in his family had to undergo circumcisions and other practices they staunchly opposed, he said.

Thankfully, the local Catholic church, to which the family belongs, is taking up their case:

Their cause is being taken up by the Saint Jean Brebeuf parish in Lasalle.

“To my mind it’s like persecuted by the government, the federal government,” said Father Gerry Martineau, the pastor of the church.

“People are actually somewhat shocked,” said Laura Whelton, who directs the choir.

“Knowing that the situation when he returns to Cameroon for he and his family.”

Sean McGuire reached out to the church to see if there’s anything atheists can do to help. Right now, there’s a rudimentary website set up on behalf of the family where you can get information to send a letter to the nation’s leaders and find out about upcoming rallies. There may be a petition going up soon, too.

Sean writes:

In my e-mail to the church parishioners, I pointed out that although I rarely see eye-to-eye with them — running an atheist blog and all! — I do believe we can be allies in this cause to save a family from being victimized by these horrible forced circumcisions. Forced female genital mutilation on this poor woman and these little children — surely we can find some common ground there!

Right on. I wish the church members the best with their efforts.

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