Pittsburgh Newspaper Calls Proposed “In God We Trust” Display a “Misplaced Motto” September 8, 2014

Pittsburgh Newspaper Calls Proposed “In God We Trust” Display a “Misplaced Motto”

The Allegheny County Council in Pennsylvania is considering putting up an “In God We Trust” display in the County Courthouse in the name of patriotism. It’ll come as no surprise to you that the proposal was made by an openly evangelical council member Sue Means (below), since this is really just a cover to push her faith through the government.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette come out with an editorial today calling the display a “Misplaced Motto“:

… To make a statement about patriotism, the Stars and Stripes displayed at a meeting always serves the purpose. But if council wants to boost the cause of religion, then it is not following the job description of any government entity.

Americans understand well enough that while “In God We Trust” seems inclusive of other monotheistic religions, its wellspring is the politically charged notion that this is a “Christian nation.”

And the offense to those who will object is not mitigated by hiding the religious message among the clutter of other slogans. Sometimes the best slogan is “Leave well enough alone.”

Why is it that the most sensible people are never the ones in office…?

(Thanks to Tom for the link)

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