Outlaw TV Belly Dancing Show, Demands Egypt’s Top Religious Council September 4, 2014

Outlaw TV Belly Dancing Show, Demands Egypt’s Top Religious Council


It took them 700 years long enough to decide, but the die is cast. Praise Allah:

Egypt’s top religious body is demanding that a new belly-dancing TV show be suspended for “corrupting morals” and serving “extremists” who could use it as a pretext to depict Egyptian society as anti-Islamic.

A statement Wednesday by Dar al-Ifta, the top body that advises Muslims on religious and life issues, said the “Dancer” show “serves extremists who take such matters as a justification to promote the idea that society is fighting religion.”

The show aired only once on the Cairo and People satellite television network.

A famous belly dancer known as Dina was among a three-member panel to choose the most-talented dancers, many of whom were not Egyptians.

While famed in Middle Eastern countries for centuries, conservatives in Egypt believe belly dancing is immoral.

The Dar-al-Ifta and the Egyptian government are bestest buddies, says Wikipedia:

The Egyptian government has placed much interest in Dar al-Ifta since its founding up through this very day. It has built them permanent housing appropriate to its importance among Muslims and provided them with a large computing center to assist in researching and responding to requests with ease and accuracy.

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P.S. Correction 1: The Dar al-Ifta was founded in 1313 AH, which is 1895 on the Gregorian calendar. I apologize for the error.

Correction 2: I mistakenly headed the post with the assertion that the Dar al-Ifta has all belly-dancing in its sights. In fact, the council objects to the belly-dancing TV show, as described in the post itself. Thanks to commenter John Small Berries for pointing it out, and keeping us honest.

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