Stop Reshelving Books Just to Get a Laugh September 1, 2014

Stop Reshelving Books Just to Get a Laugh

You’ve all seen an image like this before, of a Bible moved to a more entertaining section of the bookstore:

I’ll admit: I laughed the first time I saw that (a long, long time ago…). But as I wrote several years ago on this site, it’s an asshole move:

Most bookstore workers have nothing to do with where books are filed. They do need to know where the books are shelved, though, if customers ask. And if atheists (or others) reshelve them, it would just frustrate staff members that have nothing to do with the placements in the first place.

Yesterday, Nancy French, an evangelical blogger on this site, posted that her daughter did something similar in response to seeing a Fifty Shades of Grey display. You can see the picture here, but basically, she put Bibles in the section marked “After Fifty Shades/What We Recommend.”


Again, I get the joke. (I’d probably think it was funnier if I were a 15-year-old evangelical.) But it’s just causing more work for the staff — not converting those who supposedly need it. (Plus, I’m almost positive that Christian women make up a sizable segment of the Fifty Shades crowd to begin with…)

Does French think the picture at the top of this post is funny, too? If not, what’s the difference?

I would suggest you let her know, but she closed the comments after the first few criticisms rolled in…

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