Is This Pastor Being Honest About What He Said at a Secular Event? September 1, 2014

Is This Pastor Being Honest About What He Said at a Secular Event?

***Update (10/22/14)***: A representative from NHCLC tells me that the event in question was the 2010 March for America, so I am removing a previous update suggesting a different one.

In 2013, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, spoke at a conference called Awaken Now.

In a clip that just came to my attention, Rodriguez explained how he was invited to pray at a large secular event in Washington, D.C. with “a couple hundred thousand people” that was sponsored by a famous “television personality.” Turns out he wasn’t the only religious leader invited. In fact, a Muslim, a Jew, and a Universalist minister were also asked to pray.

Rodriguez didn’t like that one bit. So not only did he mock the very idea of interfaith worship to the event’s organizer(s), he used his speaking time to proclaim the superiority of his beliefs to everyone else’s (much to the delight of the Christian crowd he’s speaking to in the clip):

(The man applauding at the 1:31 mark is *way* too excited about Rodriguez admitting he’s a jerk.)

Anyway, here’s a simple question:

What event is Rodriguez talking about?

A major secular event in D.C. with hundreds of thousands of people?! There had to be cameras around. If there were cameras, there’s video. And if there’s video, it’d be easy to confirm that he actually said what he claims he said.

If not, then that’s a pretty big lie to tell the Christian crowd… hell, it’d be downright “unbiblical.” Sure, it wouldn’t be the first time a pastor stretched the truth, but this seems like a pretty easy thing to verify or debunk.

So what was the event?

I thought it might be the 2012 Republican National Convention (even though it doesn’t fit the description), but his speech there sounded nothing like the one he talked about. I also couldn’t find any speech that fit the description on his YouTube page.

I sent an email to the NHCLC (Rodriguez’s group) asking the same question, but I haven’t received a response yet.

(Thanks to Steven for the link)

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