D. J. Grothe is No Longer President of the James Randi Educational Foundation September 1, 2014

D. J. Grothe is No Longer President of the James Randi Educational Foundation

In a brief press release issued late this afternoon, the James Randi Educational Foundation announced that its Los Angeles offices would be closing to save some money… oh, and by the way, D.J. Grothe is no longer the JREF President:

In order to achieve cost-savings and greater efficiency, the Los Angeles office of the JREF has closed effective September 1, 2014. All operations have been moved to Falls Church, Virginia.

DJ Grothe is no longer with the JREF. James Randi has taken over as acting President.

This restructuring is part of an enhanced educational agenda aimed at inspiring an investigative spirit in a new generation of critical thinkers by engaging children and their parents, as well as educators and the general public, in how to think about the many extraordinary claims we hear every day.

Talk about burying the lede… The big question is whether the second paragraph is connected to the third, or whether Grothe was let go (or resigned) for other reasons. (He had no shortage of critics.) A quick look at JREF’s 990s also shows a pretty significant decrease in revenue over the past few years and that responsibility usually falls on the leader.

Grothe didn’t immediately respond to my request for comment, so I would just add that it’s likely only the JREF board and a few staff members actually know all the details. Until we hear from them, consider everything else you read or hear speculation.

There’s no word yet on how any of this restructuring will affect The Amazing Meeting conference, who will become JREF’s next President, or what Grothe will do next.

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