I Spoke at a Church Last Week and Didn’t Even Know It August 31, 2014

I Spoke at a Church Last Week and Didn’t Even Know It

Last Sunday, the Church at Canyon Creek in Austin, Texas used my Atheist Voice video about tough questions for Christians to introduce a sermon about how Christians needed to stand firm in their beliefs:

Pastor Monty Watson introduces the questions to his congregation

Pastor Monty Watson introduced the video (and me) in a fair and polite way, which is always appreciated, before asking his congregation why they believe what they believe — and telling that why it’s important to have an answer to that question.

The rest of the sermon, unfortunately, was full of the usual apologetics — like at the 24:36 mark: “I just can’t believe it came as a result of evolution and random chance”… and soon after, the idea that we didn’t evolve from monkeys.

If you watch it and any other moments stand out, please let us know the timestamp/summary in the comments.

All publicity is good publicity, right…?

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