Director of Seventh-day Adventist Alternative School Arrested for Child Neglect August 29, 2014

Director of Seventh-day Adventist Alternative School Arrested for Child Neglect

Miracle Meadows School is a Seventh-day Adventist-run alternative school in Salem, West Virginia. Tuition is $2,900 a month, and the school meets year-round. They encourage parents to send their children there if they’re being dishonest, defiant, or experiencing “spiritual disinterest” (as if that’s a problem…).

And their staff is top notch:

Staff are constant role models, with a divine commission to live as examples of God’s high calling, inspiring the students to follow their lead in responsible Christian living.

So how’s all that working out for them?

Just check out this recent headline in The Exponent Telegram:

The head of the school, Susan Gayle Clark, 68, of Pennsboro, turned herself in Friday afternoon at Harrison County Magistrate Court to face two felony charges of child neglect resulting in injury. She also is charged by Harrison Sheriff’s Sgt. Rob Waybright with three misdemeanors: Two counts of failure to report and one count of obstructing.

Additionally, Waybright brought more charges against custodian Timothy Aaron Arrington, 36, of Salem. Arrington was charged with three counts of child abuse creating risk of serious injury.

Just to give you one example of what they did, Clark tightly handcuffed a 14-year-old student because she suspected him of “sexual misconduct” and kept him overnight in a “quarantine room.” His wrists were bloody the next day.

For the time being, all the students are in the custody of the state’s Department of Health and Human Resources and the school’s status as a registered alternative boarding school has been revoked (for now).

There’s a lovely Christian school for you, run by people who have no business being around children but who think God will guide them in the right direction (which, apparently, is jail).

Meanwhile, the students (many of whom, arguably, have no business being there) are the ones who are really screwed over, having to deal with all this when they should really be getting a proper education from qualified individuals.

Let’s hope justice is served and the students get some real help.

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