If Someone Filmed a Parody About the War on Christmas, It Would Look Just Like Kirk Cameron’s Latest Movie August 27, 2014

If Someone Filmed a Parody About the War on Christmas, It Would Look Just Like Kirk Cameron’s Latest Movie

If I told you Kirk Cameron was making a movie about putting Christ back in Christmas, and you really wanted to mock it, you might create a poster for the film that looks something like this:

But that’s the actual poster for Cameron’s very real movie Saving Christmas:

“I assume [atheists are] going to get frustrated to see some of their best arguments deflated by this movie, because we take on some of the most commonly parroted myths about the origins of Christmas,” Cameron exclusively told TheBlaze Tuesday.

Riiiight. The whole movie seems to involve Cameron saving Christmas from… all those people who celebrate other things around the same time of year and who believe it’s not the government’s job to promote religious holidays.

The best part may be the main character’s name, because Cameron knows subtlety:

It’s a scripted story about a guy named Christian White who represents the typical white Christian male and he’s got a bad case of religious bah humbugs,” Cameron said. “He is just deflating his wife’s entire Christmas party because he has come to believe that everything we’re doing at Christmas to celebrate is wrong.”

The problem is his premise. No one is ruining Christmas — not Jews, not Festivus-proponents, and not atheists. You know a film is doomed when the villain is a retail employee who smiles while saying, “Happy Holidays!”

Christmas has been, and will continue to be, celebrated by the majority of people every year. What’s happening now is that people are finally realizing that Christians don’t own that time of year. Other traditions can be celebrated and created. But in Cameron’s mind, diversity is evil, and the world not putting his beliefs on a pedestal is a dilemma that only he can solve… with his trusty candy cane and Santa Claus bowling ball, apparently.


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