An Interview with the Man Behind Oklahoma City’s Black Mass August 26, 2014

An Interview with the Man Behind Oklahoma City’s Black Mass

I’ve posted a few articles about a Black Mass taking place in Oklahoma in September. It’s so controversial that the Governor has spoken out against it. More recently, Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul S. Coakley sued Adam Daniels and his Dakhma of Angra Mainyu Satanic church because they supposedly stole consecrated communion wafers from the Church for their event. (Daniels returned the wafers to Coakley while saying they were sent to him legally by a priest in Turkey.)

Damion Reinhardt, a blogger at Skeptic Ink, lives in Oklahoma and hosts a podcast… so he decided to get some first-hand information by visiting Adam Daniels himself.

Since this is a local story, and since we have a local podcast, we decided to dig down a bit further and find out what really happened. I’m still waiting to hear back from the Catholics (who sort of scare me, to be honest) but the Satanists were fairly forthcoming when I visited their church last weekend. Learned quite a bit from them, including why the Satanists in OKC aren’t exactly in communion with those in NYC, why a conducting a true Black Mass requires a level of sexual confidence and lack of performance anxiety usually reserved for porn stars, and why goats are considered symbols of the left-hand path.

You can hear that (possibly NSFW) episode right here:

Kudos to Damion for getting the interview. It’s much more enlightening than anything I’ve seen in the news so far — and you get a much better sense of Daniels’ personality and motivations.

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