Atheist Rapper Ensomniak’s Latest Song: “Believe In You” August 23, 2014

Atheist Rapper Ensomniak’s Latest Song: “Believe In You”

Atheist rapper Ensomniak is back with his latest song!

It’s called “Believe In You” and it’s all about being an African-American atheist. You can see a sample of the lyrics below.

I’m a minority/ in a minority/ where I come from
Where too many minds/ are humdrum/ and undone
And lump sums/ of funds/ are given to some bums
But here’s one son/ that won’t be a sucker/ like a Dum-Dum
Pressure’s like a stun gun/ so many freeze in their tracks
So much church in our culture/ it’s hard to leave when you’re black
Inter-weaved in our past/ so now we’re identified
As inherent believers/ they think it’s a sin if I
Ever refuse to dignify/ their superstitions and fantasies
African American atheist/ what did he say/ can it be
What about his family/ was he accepted or rejected
I was one of the lucky ones/ some disagree but I’m still respected

It’s a powerful song with great lyrics. If you like Ensomniak’s music, please consider downloading the track for a dollar and show your support for what he does!

(You can hear some of his other tracks here, here, here, here, and here.)

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