When You’re a Christian, But Not Christian Enough August 19, 2014

When You’re a Christian, But Not Christian Enough

Redditor ThisDharmaBum writes:

So I get a call from my mom, who is crying. She has been a Christian all her life, but hasn’t attended church regularly since my folks split up 20 years ago. All the while she has remained Christian: praying, reading the Bible, etc.

Well I get a call from her saying she got offered a job teaching (she used to teach elementary school for years before moving on to direct day cares) at a Christian school. She was ecstatic until they took the offer back when they found out on the phone she didn’t go to church every Sunday or wasn’t a member of a particular church.

I wanted to tell her so bad how I lost my faith so long ago because of shit like that. Nonetheless, I told her “it was their loss for being so narrow-minded” and “Another job will come along, God wouldn’t judge like that.”

Who would Jesus snub?

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