“Coach” Dave Daubenmire Says Those Who Promote Homosexual Behavior Are Science Deniers August 18, 2014

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire Says Those Who Promote Homosexual Behavior Are Science Deniers

You didn’t hear it from me, but apparently we’re all science deniers.

Dave Daubenmire, the right-wing founder of Pass the Salt Ministries and a well-known Christian loudmouth, said in an episode of “News With Views” this week that “the left are the real science deniers.”

I can’t figure out his reasoning, but maybe you can. Here’s the video, tracked down by Right Wing Watch:

Daubenmire is an old pro at this kind of unintelligible ranting, of course. His other career highlights include arguing that Christians should be allowed to bully gay kids and, back in his high school football coaching days, coercing his students to pray.

The full transcript of the clip is below:

You see, the left are the real science deniers.

And then they talk about healthcare, and why everybody has the right to healthcare. And that we want people to stop smoking cigarettes because smoking cigarettes leads to an early death, and smoking cigarettes will make the medical system have to pay more money.

Well let me ask you something. The most dangerous lifestyle in America today is homosexual behavior. Why are we not talking about that?

Why do the science deniers deny the medical consequences of what homosexual acts do, not only to the person, but to the amount of money it costs all of society?

How many people would be alive today if the AIDS virus [sic] was identified as to what it was and what the causes were back at the very beginning? They’re science deniers.

Never mind that “the left” is actually at the forefront of caring for people with HIV/AIDS, distributing information to at-risk communities to stop the spread of the virus, and pushing for more funding to find a cure. According to Daubenmire, supporting LGBT causes is tantamount to “denying science,” even though we’re the ones putting in the work to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

Sometimes it’s worth arguing with these people over their backwards beliefs; this time, I’m pretty sure we’re better off ignoring him.

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