I’ve Never Heard Anyone Refute Creationism Quite Like This August 11, 2014

I’ve Never Heard Anyone Refute Creationism Quite Like This

Poet Neil Hilborn, whose piece about OCD went viral last summer, is back with a poem titled “Dear Creationists.”

The premise: If humans are really supposed to be the apex of God’s creation, then why do animals seem to have it so much better?

(Everything about it is NSFW. You’ve been warned.)


My favorite line has to be: “Dear Creationists, it’s not just that you’re wrong about humans being the pinnacle of everything, it’s that you being wrong is making the children dumber.”

Okay, so the poem really has nothing to do with Creationists. It still made me smile and I think Hilborn is awesome 🙂

(via Button Poetry)

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