Who Knew the IRS Had a Secret Pact with Atheists? August 9, 2014

Who Knew the IRS Had a Secret Pact with Atheists?

Last month, after getting hit with a lawsuit by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the IRS finally said it would enforce their own rules and go after pastors who endorsed political candidates from the pulpit.

Because churches have non-profit status, those endorsements were illegal — but since the IRS was looking in the other direction for the past few years, many pastors not only took advantage of the opportunity, they flaunted it by mailing the IRS videos of their endorsement sermons.

Since then, I’ve seen a lot of Christian websites claim that the IRS is now stifling pastors’ free speech rights, which is just the Christian Martyr Complex in action. Pastors can say what they’ve always been allowed to say. The only difference is that the rules they have to play by — the same rules all non-profits have to play by — are now going to be enforced.

But this Facebook message by a group called ForAmerica (with more than 5,000,000 Likes) was especially surprising:

The IRS made a secret pact with atheists to go after almost 100 conservative churches across the country. When will the IRS stop targeting Christians and Conservatives!?

There’s a secret pact?! Shit, I had no idea! If there is, what do we get out of it, because I haven’t gotten my prize money or perks.

I can’t tell if these conservative Christians are just completely ignorant of why the IRS settled this lawsuit or if they’re purposely deceiving their followers. You’d think Christians would be opposed to lying, but they seem to have no problem with it when it means stirring up an even more gullible fan base.

The comments on that Facebook thread are no better, with some people claiming the country’s problems would be solved if only we would put a Christian in the White House (because, you know, Obama is a secret Muslim)… and people like Lawrence J Mcdonald claiming non-believers should just be killed.

There’s political Christianity for you: a lie, a threat, and no interest in following the Constitution.

(Thanks to Alix for the link)

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