After Alabama County Votes to Put Up “In God We Trust” Plaque, Atheists and Pagans Fight for Their Own Displays August 7, 2014

After Alabama County Votes to Put Up “In God We Trust” Plaque, Atheists and Pagans Fight for Their Own Displays

Back in June, the Mobile County Commission (in Alabama) voted 2-1 to put the words “In God We Trust” on a plaque in the city’s Administration Building. (The most surprising thing about that? Until now, “In God We Trust” wasn’t on a government-issued plaque in Mobile, Alabama.)

Before the vote took place, eight people spoke to the commissioners about the plaque — and seven of them opposed it, including Amanda Scott (below):

[Faulkner State Community College] student Amanda Scott addressed the commission first, advocating a different phrase instead of the proposed religious motto.

“I strongly urge the commission to reject the display ‘In God We Trust,” she said. “It would only serve to divide Mobile on religion when we’re already so divided on other issues,” she added. Scott proposed the Latin phrase “E pluribus unum,” meaning “out of many, one,” or “one of many.” She declared herself as an atheist and said the proposed display would exclude her in others in the public building.

Unfortunately, it didn’t matter. Two of the commissioners — President Connie Hudson and Jerry Carl — voted to move forward with the plaque.

But now the fun starts. It turns out Christians aren’t the only people who want a plaque displayed in Government Plaza:

Pagans, Universalists and atheists want to propose their own privately-funded displays.

The Mobile Atheist Community would like to see a display that reads “in reason we trust,” Universalists want one that says “coexist” and Pagans are lobbying for “in Goddess/es we trust,” according to the organizers.

There is also a petition [by Amanda Scott] to not display “in God we trust.”

The displays would likely be on plaques.

Representatives from all three groups will attend the Commission’s meeting today to discuss their options.

Let the fireworks begin. If the Commission rejects their pleas, it’s possible they would be on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

(Portions of this article were posted earlier.)

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