Secular Group Showcase: Secular Students at Iowa August 6, 2014

Secular Group Showcase: Secular Students at Iowa

We asked you to tell us about your local secular group in an attempt to encourage the start-up and growth of “good without god” communities. We’ve received a lot of responses already (Thanks!) and here’s a glimpse at our next group: The Secular Students at Iowa. They’re a fairly new group, but they’ve already accomplished enough for Center for Inquiry to take notice. They’ve just been awarded CFI’s 2014 Campus Affiliate Award for Best New Group!

Our group is hosting an event in September where Sean Faircloth will be coming to the University of Iowa to give a lecture. The lecture is entitled “The Pursuit of Social Justice through Secular Government”. His talk will address how religious bias in law harms many different facets of society, including men and women in uniform, public health policy, LGBTQ rights, women’s health and rights, the freedom to die with dignity, and other relevant contemporary issues.

You can read more of our interview here.

Want to be featured in this series? If you can fill out most of the questions below, your group is probably a good candidate to be showcased on our page. We hope to hear from you! E-mail submissions to!

Group name:


Mission Statement:

Links to group’s Facebook. website, Twitter, etc.:

When was your group established?

What does your group do for fun to connect with each other?

What community/volunteer activities does your group participate in, if any?

What political/social activism does your group do, if any?

Does your group have a favorite charity to fundraise for or promote?

Do you have any stories to share about your city having a positive reaction to your group?

What are some challenges your group has faced?

What advice would you like to share with other groups struggling to grow or are just starting up?

**Please attach some photos of your group as a whole, in action, and having fun**

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