Alabama Officials Oppose EPA Regulations Against Carbon Pollution Because It Defies God’s Will July 31, 2014

Alabama Officials Oppose EPA Regulations Against Carbon Pollution Because It Defies God’s Will

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed rules that would have Alabama cutting its power plant carbon emissions by nearly 30% by 2030.

That would be good for the environment but bad for the state’s coal industry, which would likely have to lay off employees.

But that’s not the reason state officials are unhappy with the regulations. They’re upset because the EPA is defying’s God’s Will:

Twinkle Cavanaugh

At their news conference today [Alabama Public Service Commission President Twinkle Andress] Cavanaugh and PSC commissioner-elect Chip Beeker invoked the name of God in stating their opposition to the EPA proposal. Beeker, a Republican who is running unopposed for a PSC seat, said coal was created in Alabama by God, and the federal government should not enact policy that runs counter to God’s plan.

“Who has the right to take what God’s given a state?” he said.

Cavanaugh called on the people of the state to ask for God’s intervention.

“I hope all the citizens of Alabama will be in prayer that the right thing will be done,” she said.

The right thing, even from a Christian perspective, would be to protect the environment that God has given you, not pollute it. .

But I think I know why these Christians oppose the EPA’s policy. Fossils are evidence of evolution, disproving the mythology they hold so dear, so clearly, burning fossil fuels is in God’s best interest. (I’ll be here all night.)

Cavanaugh, by the way, is the same person who defended an overtly-Christian prayer at a meeting last August (before the Greece v Galloway decision). She’s obviously more concerned with appeasing her vision of God than doing what’s best for the state.

(Thanks to William for the link)

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