Humanist Group in Uganda Robbed July 24, 2014

Humanist Group in Uganda Robbed

According to the International Humanist and Ethical Union, a group of Humanists doing work in Kampala, Uganda were robbed and could use some help:

HALEA’s Kato Mukasa (back, right) and IHEU’s Bob Churchill (back left) in 2011

But this week [the Humanist Association for Leadership, Equality and Accountability (HALEA)] have suffered a major setback. On Tuesday Kato Mukasa the director of HALEA told us:

“We woke up today to the sad news that our offices had been broken into and lots of property and cash taken. The first people to reach the office found [the building security guard] unconscious lying at the upper/ behind part of the building. Our offices were wide open.”

The thieves have taken all 6 computers, 2 laptops, power cables, their projector and camera, three guitars, a desktop printer, and even the office phone was taken. Some cash due to be paid for rent was also stolen. (The security guard is now conscious again, by the way!)

If you’re in a position to help them out, there’s a donation button at the IHEU website. Excess donations will go to IHEU’s Growth and Development Fund which helps other groups similar to HALEA.

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