South Carolina County Council Approves “In God We Trust” Display Using Awful Reasoning July 22, 2014

South Carolina County Council Approves “In God We Trust” Display Using Awful Reasoning

You’ll all be hardly surprised to learn that the York County Council in South Carolina voted last night to add an “In God We Trust” plaque to their meeting room:

Chairman Britt Blackwell made the request.

“We need to stand up for the values that made this country great,” he said. “This is one small step for the country.”

I can’t believe he just referenced the moon landing to talk about promoting Christianity in a town full of Christians… Can’t wait to hear what this guy says when he finds a good seat near the front of a bus.

Blackwell said the country has become so politically correct that is has forgotten the Christian, moral principles the country was founded on.

Like slavery.

Councilman Bruce Henderson said faith has guided this nation. “[If] it wasn’t for God, this country wouldn’t have been born.”

Forget King George III and the Founding Fathers. They had nothing to do with it. Christopher Columbus and Jesus founded America while sailing on Noah’s Ark!

Councilman Curwood Chappell made the motion to approve the motto. He said if “the book” (the Bible) were thrown away, America would become a nation of heathens such as Germany, Italy and Japan during World War II.

What the hell…?

First of all, who’s saying we should throw away the Bible? Not putting up a plaque reading “In God We Trust” isn’t anti-Christian at all.

Furthermore, Chappell doesn’t know his history. Hitler grew up Catholic and referenced the Bible and God often.

What we have are a bunch of dimwitted officials who approved a Christian message in a government building, using explicitly religious reasons, and none of them have the ability to think beyond their faith or consider other points of view. They didn’t even say that taxpayer money wouldn’t be used for it, paving the way for a potential lawsuit.

Way to elect some real winners, York.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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