Fundamentalist Christian Pastor Bashes “We Can Do It” Mentality Among Women Because It’s Unbiblical July 22, 2014

Fundamentalist Christian Pastor Bashes “We Can Do It” Mentality Among Women Because It’s Unbiblical

Here are the rules for a new game I recently invented: Whenever Pastor Steven Anderson releases a video, I click on a random part of it and listen for a minute. If I hear him say something crazy, I post about it. If he doesn’t, I skip it.

Looks like we have a winner with his latest sermon. (Though, with a title like “Attributes of a Godly Woman,” you knew it’d be hard to *not* find gold.)

It’s possible I missed some ridiculous stuff, but here’s what I found at the 23:08 mark:

We need the house of God to be a place of godly feminine role models for young ladies to follow! And not to be sucked into the world’s mentality of just a loud, clamorous… “We can do it!” type of a mentality amongst women. It’s not biblical. It’s not what the Bible teaches. If you say it is what the Bible teaches, you’re a liar.

If you say that the Bible teaches equality for women in the sense that they have all the same roles in society as men, and they should be speaking in church, you’re a liar. That’s not what the Bible says. The Bible is crystal clear on this subject. You know it and I know it. So don’t play games with me. This is what the Bible says.

And, honestly, we need some hair-legged preachers to stand up and preach this from the housetops.

Why don’t you ever criticize men, Pastor Anderson?

I have whole sermons where I’m getting on the men for being a bunch of queer little feminine sissies and being a twinkie. But that’s a different sermon. Okay? I can’t preach the whole Bible in one sermon…

… if you’re a woman today, under the sound of my voice, don’t you get angry at what I’m preaching because, remember, [don’t get angry] was point one about what you’re not supposed to be!

I guess it’s not a real sermon without anti-gay slurs…

So that’s your Moment of Independent Fundamental Baptist preaching for the day. I’m sure if you click on a different part of the video, you’ll find even more nuggets of “wisdom.”

Who wants to take bets that Anderson is close friends with Tony Rapu, the guy who offered horrible advice to married women?

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