News Anchor Offers His Take on Psychic Reading: “Awful! Not Even Close!” July 18, 2014

News Anchor Offers His Take on Psychic Reading: “Awful! Not Even Close!”

I don’t know why they invite psychics on news programs, but at least WGN’s Larry Potash had the guts to call one out on her bullshit, not once, but twice!

Here’s the backstory: In 2010, psychic Char Margolis appeared on the WGN Morning News to promote her book Discover Your Inner Wisdom (the foreword’s written by John Edward of Crossing Over fame, so you *know* it’s quality material…). Potash knew she was faking it and had no problem saying as much during her reading:

Larry Potash laughs at the psychic’s failure

It was hilarious to finally see a con artist get told she was “failing miserably” on air.

At the end of that interview, Margolis said she would do a reading for Potash off-the-air (since she only “read” his co-host during the segment) and he could judge for himself how strong her abilities were.

This week, while promoting an interview with famed skeptic James Randi, Potash brought up that interaction from years ago. He said that Margolis did indeed give him a personal reading. And how did that go?:

Awful! Not even close! I mean, if you’re going to sell yourself as a psychic, at least be good at it! I mean, it’s an old parlor trick.

So The Amazing Randi will be here. He’ll talk about all the different ways some of these televangelists and some of these alleged psychics do their trickery…

I appreciate that he lumped televangelists in there 🙂

Anyway, ask yourself why that segment’s worth posting about. And then weep at the fact that we rarely see news anchors call out obvious bullshit like that. It’s irrelevant that she was a guest on his show. When the guest is wrong, it’s the interviewer’s job to point that out. Good for Potash for not holding back.

(via The Morning Heresy)

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