Hobby Lobby Owners Will Open a Bible Museum in Washington, D.C. in 2017 July 17, 2014

Hobby Lobby Owners Will Open a Bible Museum in Washington, D.C. in 2017

You know what Washington, D.C. needs? More religion. It’s not enough that the Supreme Court seems to be an extension of the Catholic Church lately or that Congress is overrun with Christians who want to legislate their beliefs.

Now, the Hobby Lobby-owning Green family is set to open up a Bible Museum in the city in 2017:

A digital rendering of the Bible Museum

the yet-to-be-named museum would welcome people of all faiths and include rare Torahs as well as historic Bibles.

Starting the Bible museum in the nation’s capital was no accident. After surveying cities, including Dallas and New York, for more than a year, the Museum of the Bible, the Green family’s nonprofit organization that is overseeing the project, chose Washington for its tourists, robust museum culture and national profile.

As much as Steve Green claims this would be museum documenting history, his activist career suggests he’s far more interested in evangelizing than educating. Need proof? Look no further than the public school Bible-as-literature curriculum he’s trying to push through in Oklahoma, which reeks of proselytizing.

Need more proof? Cary Summers, the Museum of the Bible’s chief operating officer, is also a consultant for the Creation Museum’s Noah’s Ark theme park. Because that’s a group that’s all about history and not mythology…

Green might actually do us all a service if he properly documented how the Bible was put together, showing how it was edited and rewritten over the years and how books were selectively removed from it. But you get the feeling he’s not interested in *that* history.

Can you imagine, though, walking inside and seeing a giant mural showcasing all the contradictions in the Bible?

It seems like an unnecessary museum, anyway.

D.C. is already home to buildings that promote works of fiction. They’re called libraries.

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