This is a Sign of Church Desperation, Isn’t It? July 16, 2014

This is a Sign of Church Desperation, Isn’t It?

Wanna vote for Charlotte’s hottest selfies?

Of course you don’t. But that’s what Elevation Church thinks will get you to come to a service. (If that doesn’t do it, the poor grammar will.)

The fact that your here means that at least a small part of you thought this was real and wanted to check it out. Either way, we can all agree that our culture has a serious problem with self-perception and identity. So how do we fix it?

(Spoiler: Jesus)

It’s not surprising for this church in particular to resort to bait-and-switch tactics, trying to fool people into giving them a shot. This is the same church, after all, responsible for fake “spontaneous baptisms” and where Pastor Steven Furtick‘s salary is kept secret even from the congregation.

They thrive off of deception. Makes sense, I guess. If they fool you once with the smoke and mirrors, they’ll gladly fool you again with everything that’s in the Bible.

(via @StuffCCLikes)

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