Liberty University Will Soon Launch Its Own Medicine School July 15, 2014

Liberty University Will Soon Launch Its Own Medicine School

You’ll all be happy to know that Liberty University, which rejects evolution and embraces Young Earth Creationism, is a month away from launching a medical school.

“The idea that we can do this with a Christian worldview — we’re not evangelizing, we’re not trying to make everybody Christian who comes here; that would be completely inappropriate — but with what we believe are the biblical principles [of] the Christ-centered life we try to lead, try to emulate. … It’s different, it’s exciting,” said Dr. Michael Lockwood, a professor in the Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.

Liberty’s College of Osteopathic Medicine may be the 30th college of osteopathic medicine in the country, but it is only the fifth faith-based institution.

The school only has provisional accreditation right now and won’t be up for full accreditation until the first class is ready to graduate. What happens if they don’t receive that status? Who knows.

Graduates will receive a D.O. degree after four years (not an M.D.), which tells you that the school focuses more on the spiritual needs of the patient. (D.O. schools are also typically easier to get into than traditional medical schools issuing M.D.s)

We don’t know yet how faculty members will teach about homosexuality or birth control. Is “sin” part of the curriculum? How will students be taught to deal with patients who are not Christian or who want to have an abortion? What will be the difference between doctors who graduate from Liberty and doctors who graduate from another D.O. school?

Until we know those answers, it’s hard to tell how much of a benefit this school will be.

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