Bryan Fischer: The Study of Knot Formation Disproves Evolution July 15, 2014

Bryan Fischer: The Study of Knot Formation Disproves Evolution

On his radio show yesterday, Bryan Fischer explained a new argument against evolution… and it may rival Ray Comfort‘s banana.

You know how your iPod earbuds get really tangled up no matter what you seem to do? Well, there’s research that shows when you put pieces of string in a box and shake it up, they inevitably get tangled up… and never the other way around.

And therefore, says Fischer, evolution makes no sense. The airtight logic begins around the 6:01 mark:

… when they take the lid off [the box of string], after all of these extensive random interactions, random collisions of these short pieces of string, they do not get beautiful bows, beautiful bow ties, artistically-designed origami-style string sculptures. They get a big giant mass of knots. It’s a box of completely random knots! There’s no design, there’s no beauty, there’s no intricacy, there’s no complexity, there’s no increasing order. What you get is something that is increasingly dysfunctional and non-operative.

The evolutionists want us to believe that the random collision of atoms is responsible for everything that we see. But we know if you’re depending on the random collision of anything, you are not gonna get something more highly structured, you’re not gonna get something more complex, you’re not gonna get something more advanced, you’re gonna get something that’s more chaotic, is less functional, and is less organized. That’s just the way that nature works.

And so, just thinking about knots is enough to make you realize it’s just folly to believe that everything around us could’ve happened through the random, undirected collision of atoms.

And that, children, is how evolution was proven false.

Fischer should write that up and submit it to a scientific journal. Or the thing Answers in Genesis thinks is a scientific journal.

Of course, he fails to realize that living things that can reproduce and mutate are very different from inanimate strings… and that, with evolution, the “knots” that give the “string” a better chance of survival would continue to reproduce and mutate — a far cry from being dysfunctional and non-operative.

There’s Christian logic for you: If you can form an analogy, no matter how weak it is, it must be true. Forget science and fossils and DNA and all the evidence ever found. If someone could have just shown Darwin some string, we would’ve saved ourselves a lot of trouble.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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