This Church Teaches Evolution Classes Over the Summer, and Creationist Ken Ham is Furious July 14, 2014

This Church Teaches Evolution Classes Over the Summer, and Creationist Ken Ham is Furious

When 30 kids gather inside a church over the summer, you expect to hear about Vacation Bible School. But the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield (Missouri) does something far more useful:

Instead of reading Bible stories about Adam and Eve, these kids are reading from “Big Bang” and learning about evolution.

Most of the kids who attended are not members of First UU. Some attend other churches; some don’t go to church; some are homeschooled; some are in public school. But all are there because they love science, and their parents are “freethinkers” who want their children to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints.

“It’s awe-inspiring, an amazing thing, how the earth came together,” [First UU’s director of religious education Jennifer] Lara said as she explained the program. “We can just enjoy the beauty of the science.”

I love the name of it, too: “We are all Stars Evolution Camp” 🙂

What a wonderful, necessary program, instilling the joy of science to children who may not receive that education elsewhere. Who could possibly have a problem with it?!

Oh… right. Ken Ham.

He’s very angry that these *supposedly* Christian parents would dare to teach their children about how the world works instead of forcing biblical mythology in their minds:

So they want their children exposed to a “variety of viewpoints” — as long as the Christian viewpoint is not a part of the program!

In Ham’s mind, there’s only one True ChristianTM viewpoint: the one that takes the Book of Genesis literally. All Christians who believe otherwise are heretics.

And then he goes off on his usual tirade about how evolution is part of a secular religion that’s taught in public schools:

Evolution is basically taught as fact in most of the public education system — and it’s Christians and the teaching of creation that are discriminated against. There are some Christian teachers (and they are a small minority) who will do their best to teach students to think critically about origins — but by and large, most students are taught evolution as fact.

If only evolution were taught as fact… but you have to laugh at Ham’s use of the word discrimination. As if it’s “discrimination” when schools don’t teach unproven, unscientific, foolish ideas.

Not all theories are equally valid, and Creationism isn’t even in the ballpark. All of the parents taking their children to the UU church should be thrilled that their children are receiving an evidence-based education instead of mindless indoctrination.

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