This May Be the Worst Possible Way to Confront an Anti-Abortion Group July 13, 2014

This May Be the Worst Possible Way to Confront an Anti-Abortion Group

You know how preachers sometimes visit college campuses, spew the vilest-sounding biblical word vomit ever, and anger just about everyone who crosses their path?

There are a few appropriate ways to respond to them: You can try talking to them (good luck with that), you can ignore them, you can out-preach them, you can mock them:

What you can’t do is physically confront them, or threaten them, or destroy their setup. That seems obvious.

Even if you only use words, you’re not going to win any points by using bad language, screaming louder than them, or being just as obnoxious. You’re an idiot if you think screaming, “FUCK YOU! THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY” will change their minds. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting for a more righteous cause; your passion shouldn’t excuse you from being as asshole right back. (And it probably won’t win anyone over to your side, anyway.)

Now take a look at this video featuring a pro-choice woman (Victoria Duran) confronting members of a anti-abortion group (Created Equal). I hope you can understand why, despite agreeing with her, I cringed while watching the confrontation. She let her emotions get the best of her and played right into the anti-abortion group’s hands by being an jackass on camera in every possible way.

The group members remained relatively calm the whole time — while the camera rolled, I must add. It was a brilliant move on their part.

Duran now faces an assault charge, but Created Equal said it would drop the charge if she just apologizes. (Another brilliant move on the group’s part.) No word yet on whether she’ll accept that offer.

Who knows what she was trying to accomplish in that video. Whatever it was, it failed. The group members kept the smug smiles on their faces, knowing the whole time that any legitimate criticisms against them would be completely overshadowed by her own words and actions.

I don’t understand how anyone could watch this video and consider her approach effective. It just turned me off completely and I’m on her side.

(Thanks to Brendan for the link)

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