Christian Bigot Whines About How Independence Day Parades Included LGBT Groups and Their Supporters July 9, 2014

Christian Bigot Whines About How Independence Day Parades Included LGBT Groups and Their Supporters

The Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins, whose mind immediately turns to genitalia when the topic of homosexuality comes up, is furious that local Fourth of July parade organizers allowed LGBT supporters to walk in them:

Angry parents of young children in Wheaton, a conservative community which is home to Wheaton College and a dozen theologically orthodox churches, contacted me to express their frustration that for the second year in a row, the homosexuality-affirming organization Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) had marched in the parade. No one opposes friendships with homosexuals, but, of course, that’s not really what this deviously-named organization is promoting.

So many questions…

Who are these angry parents who can’t handle LGBT groups merely existing in the community?

Why does it matter that there are a lot of conservative churches in Wheaton?

What’s so “devious” about gays and lesbians having parents and friends?

(By the way, you know how I know Higgins doesn’t have any gay friends? Because she uses the phrase “friendships with homosexuals.”)

Communities now take pride in affirming shameful behaviors, with our elected leaders marching pridefully in celebration of that which no man or woman should celebrate let alone celebrate on Main Street in front of children. What a barbarous affront to families and an insult to our veterans. No Christian should bring their children to any event that celebrates and affirms soul-destroying sexual perversion. If Christians are unwilling to make even this small sacrifice, they are woefully unprepared for what’s coming.

Got that? It’s an insult to our veterans — many of whom are gay and lesbian — that we honor their existence and celebrate the march of progress.

This is why so few people take these bigots seriously. Where you and I see a parade full of joy and celebration, they see “soul-destroying sexual perversion.” Gay people aren’t people to Christians like them; they’re just deviants reduced to what they do in the bedroom.

And Higgins knows exactly what will happen if we don’t go batshit insane at the mere sight of a rainbow in a parade:

There will be no square inch of life that will be left untouched by the sullied hands of homosexual perversity — no celebration, no public school, no career path, and no church will be left unmolested.

*Snicker*… Too easy with that one…

Her fear is that LGBT people will just become part of the American fabric. They’ll be included in community events, teach your children, and become your colleagues. And that’s how Teh Gay is spread!

I will say, I have no idea why she’s so worried about gay people joining Christian churches that want nothing to do with them. The churches would be lucky to have them. As it stands, not only are gay people not joining those churches, people like Higgins are the reason so many young people are leaving them.

It helps that liberals never have to create a nasty caricature of conservatives (not that some people haven’t), as they’ve done with LGBT people and their allies. All we have to do is quote people like Higgins verbatim and the seething hatred is right there for all to see.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via Olga Besnard /

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