Tyler Perry Manages to Trademark ‘What Would Jesus Do’ July 8, 2014

Tyler Perry Manages to Trademark ‘What Would Jesus Do’

Amid allegations of legal betrayal, TV and film producer Tyler Perry has succeeded in trademarking the well-worn phrase “What Would Jesus Do?”

Quips the progressive Christrian blogger Micah J. Murray:

Would Jesus wage a long and treacherous legal battle about what he would do?

What does Mr. Perry plan to do with his newly-acquired trademark? One can only assume that he has invented a time machine, and this trademark is the final key in his plan to travel back to 1999 and get fabulously wealthy off of royalties from all those bracelets we were wearing in youth group.

More likely, of course, in what is sure to be another cultural high-water mark, Perry intends to launch a show or movie called Tyler Perry’s What Would Jesus Do or TPWWJD. Can’t wait.

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