Colorado House Candidate: If Atheists Undergo Exorcisms, They’ll Be Fine with Graduation Ceremonies in Church July 8, 2014

Colorado House Candidate: If Atheists Undergo Exorcisms, They’ll Be Fine with Graduation Ceremonies in Church

Last month, a Wisconsin school district was told it could no longer hold its graduation ceremonies in an evangelical church. (The Supreme Court refused to hear the case, effectively ending the legal battle.)

So what does Republican candidate for the Colorado State House Gordon Klingenschmitt have to say about it?

Simple: If atheists just got exorcisms, everything would be just fine.

If the atheist complainer is so uncomfortable when they walk into a church that there’s something inside of them squirming and making them feel these feelings of hatred toward the cross of Jesus Christ, don’t you think it’s something inside of the atheist complainer that’s wrong?

I have a solution. Let’s do an exorcism and cast the Devil out of them and then they’ll feel comfortable when they walk into church.

They’ll be free to enjoy the worship of Jesus Christ. They’ll be free to enjoy Almighty God. Or even just a non-religious ceremony. They won’t at least be offended when they walk into a church. They need to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

I can’t tell if he’s serious about the exorcisms, but he sure as hell seems serious when he says the problem is that atheists feel hatred toward the cross.

It’s not that atheists hate Christianity. It’s that we love the Constitution. And the First Amendment. And the separation of church and state.

We don’t want public school graduation ceremonies in a Christian church for the same reason Klingenschmitt wouldn’t want them in a mosque.

And Klingenschmitt gave away the game plan in his own comments! By saying the exorcisms would allow us to worship Jesus and enjoy God, he’s basically admitting that the purpose of having such ceremonies in a church is to proselytize. (That’s precisely why the school was told it had to find another venue.)

This is a basic misunderstanding of why atheists file lawsuits in situations like this. It has nothing to do with hatred toward religion or people of faith. It’s about principle — and making sure these ceremonies are inclusive for everyone involved and not just the Christian students.

Klingenschmitt’s willful ignorance of that fact is precisely why he has no business getting elected to the Colorado House.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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