An Online Sexuality Class for Atheists Who Grew Up Feeling Guilty or Misinformed About It July 4, 2014

An Online Sexuality Class for Atheists Who Grew Up Feeling Guilty or Misinformed About It

Virginia Brown (below) grew up in a conservative Christian home and became an atheist in her mid-twenties. But it took several more years before she could “re-connect with her own sense of sexuality.” In a culture where Purity Balls are normal, sex before marriage can get you expelled from college, and some couples wait until their wedding day for their first kiss, she knows it’s no surprise that people raised in that environment might be sexually repressed — even after leaving it.

Now, she intends to fix that. Brown will be teaching a six-week-long online workshop called “Recovering Your Sexuality” with the help of the group Recovering From Religion:

After years of being told that sex was wrong, dangerous, sinful, or only to be enjoyed in narrow circumstances, our goal is to empower you to move past those roadblocks to discover what truly works best for you! We will discuss issues like guilt, pleasure, and ethics; learn about sexual anatomy, arousal, and sexual response cycles; and provide concrete exercises and actions to begin the road of healing the damage that repression and guilt can do.

You can register for the class here. The early-bird cost is… oh. I see what they did there.

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