Pseudohistorian David Barton: Senator Harry Reid is an “Atheist Mormon” July 3, 2014

Pseudohistorian David Barton: Senator Harry Reid is an “Atheist Mormon”

We’re all wondering when another member of Congress will follow Pete Stark‘s lead and admit to not believing in God, but who knew there was one right under our noses?

That’s what Christian pseudohistorian David Barton claimed today on his “WallBuilders Live” radio show. He was talking about Mormon Senator Harry Reid‘s support of a bill that would let states regulate the amount of money raised and spent during elections:

David Barton: [Reid] has actually proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would re-write the First Amendment to take away original protections and limit the protections in the First Amendment.

What it also tells me is, and he’s apparently a Mormon guy, that’s fine. He is probably an atheist Mormon… Mormon in name only… and the reason I say that is that so many Mormon folks are so conservative on the Constitution, such great defenders of the Constitution… And so, when you look at what he’s doing, you gotta remember, the Bill of Rights is laid out in the Declaration of Independence, you start with the first belief that there is a Creator, the second belief that the Creator gives us certain inalienable rights, the third belief in the Declaration is government exists to protect those rights inalienable rights.

If you don’t have that belief that you will answer to God for what you do, you will sell your country, you will sell your kids’ future, you will sell everything going on and that’s where we’re getting. And so it’s not just a belief in God, it’s the belief that you answer to God and you believe that. And see that’s where Harry Reid is not. You know, he may believe in God, he probably says he does; I don’t think he has any cognizance of having to answer to God for what he does.

Yep. According to David Barton — words you should never take seriously — Harry Reid is really a lapsed Mormon because he doesn’t support unchecked, unlimited amounts of money being used in elections. The heathen bastard.

By Barton’s logic, a lot of religious Democrats are atheists, too…

And the Senate Senate is currently controlled by those Democrats…

You guys, that means atheists control the Senate!

If my logic’s off, just blame Barton. As usual.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via spirit of america /

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