Why a Former Baptist is Raising Her Children Without Religion June 26, 2014

Why a Former Baptist is Raising Her Children Without Religion

Sarah Morehead (below), Executive Director of Recovering from Religion and mother to seven children, answered some excellent questions at The Stir about raising children without faith.

This may be my favorite bit:

If you boil everything down, and take away all the differences in religious beliefs, and look at just the positives, what do we have left? We have what are essentially humanist values, which is we’re going to love one another, respect each other, take care of one another, look out for one another, all those things. That’s what I want to teach my kids, and I don’t need religion to do that. In fact, taking religion away takes away the fear, guilt, and shame.

It’s also heartbreaking to read about the episode that led to her leaving her church for good. Check out the whole interview.

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