Save Your Money: There Are No Lost Souls or Dark Energies in Your Home June 26, 2014

Save Your Money: There Are No Lost Souls or Dark Energies in Your Home

There should be some standards regarding what gets published in a newspaper, right? Not when your newspaper’s parent company is owned by the same guy who owns Fox News Channel. But let’s make this clear:

It’s a problem to publish an article with the headline “Releasing lost souls or dark energies from your home.”

It’s a problem that the writer’s top qualification is that she was voted “Australian Psychic of The Year” in 2010. (Did she lose her powers since then? Who voted? Who ran the contest? So many questions!)

It’s a problem that this was listed in the “Experts” section:

So let’s see what Elisabeth Jensen advises us to do to save our homes from the evil invisible spirits:

Consider your options or consult an experienced professional psychic for the cause if it still evades you.

Well, who saw that one coming?

A psychic medium is the best person to consult if you just sense a room in your new house is cold and unwelcoming or you wake at night seeing strange shadows in your room and feeling anxious.

The medium should then be able to connect telepathically with these unhappy spirits and discover why they are in your house before releasing them to the light or heaven.

Yep. That’s how science works.

By the way, Jensen costs about $236 (USD) for a one hour phone consultation.

But if a psychic isn’t your thing, there’s a Plan B!

But what happens if the spirits refuse to leave you in peace and feel very heavy and scary?

Well, then it’s time to call in an exorcist!

Again an experienced psychic medium with additional skills and training can often do this for you or some people may prefer a priest or spiritual person they trust to help them here.

You’ll be pleased to learn that Jensen provides exorcism services, too.

After clearing the dark energies several times plus also sending clearing and healing to anybody living there affected by the energies I fill the property with light and surround it with many archangels.

Amazing that she can do all that from a distance. Sounds crazy, but she’s the expert, so who are we to doubt…?

No one else can question her either, I guess, considering that the article doesn’t allow comments. I suppose that would ruin the mystique.

(Thanks to McSkeptic for the link)

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