Atheist Group Asks Pride Festival Visitors: What Are You Proud Of? June 26, 2014

Atheist Group Asks Pride Festival Visitors: What Are You Proud Of?

If you’re looking for an example of how atheists can connect with a larger community, check out what the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers did over the weekend at the Kentuckiana Pride Festival:

Instead of just focusing on outreach to atheists, they asked visitors to their booth a simple question: “What are you proud of?”

The responses came in by the hundreds and you can see a sample of them on this Tumblr:

They got great coverage in the Courier-Journal, too:

Organizer Susanne Smith told me:

As the festival went on, we added the answers we got as decoration on our tent, until we ran out of materials for more answers! In all, about 350 people were able to share with us what they were proud of.

It’s just a wonderful way to showcase Humanism. We could use more of that.

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