For the Third Straight Year, a Minor League Baseball Team Will Lose Its Faith for a Game June 24, 2014

For the Third Straight Year, a Minor League Baseball Team Will Lose Its Faith for a Game

For a couple of years now, the Minnesota Atheists have been running a promotion in which they team up with a local minor league baseball team for a day. And they’re doing it again this year, too.

That may sound strange until you consider how the promotion works.

On July 11, the St. Paul Saints…

will become the Mr. Paul Aints:

The logos on the field will have the “S” covered up (as the picture below from last year shows), and the players will have new uniforms, too:

The player worn jerseys will be auctioned off during the game from which a portion of the proceeds will go to the Family Place Shelter in St. Paul where volunteers from the Minnesota Atheists regularly prepare and serve dinners to families without permanent housing.

“Baseball and atheism have nothing in common,” said Eric Jayne, president of Minnesota Atheists. “Except that both offer happiness and satisfaction once they’re better understood.”

Love that line 🙂

This sort of promotion is nothing new, by the way. “Faith Nights” have been taking place at baseball stadiums (including major league ones) for several years now — and very often, I might add. Just keep that in mind for when someone on the Christian Right complains about the radical agenda of the Saints’ ownership.

The Minnesota Atheists’ promotion, done this year in conjunction with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is officially in support of the All-Star Freethought Conference, taking place the following day.

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