Ken Ham’s Ignorance is Exposed (Again) in a Rant Against UK Schools Banning the Teaching of Creationism as Science June 20, 2014

Ken Ham’s Ignorance is Exposed (Again) in a Rant Against UK Schools Banning the Teaching of Creationism as Science

Creationist Ken Ham just found out that the UK government has told all publicly-funded schools that they cannot teach Creationism as valid science and he’s furious.

And when Ken Ham is furious, everyone else is delighted, because his rage-posts shed light on how much he doesn’t understand about evolution.

Let’s go through his rant section by section…

That’s not how science works

although they say “theory of evolution” — the education department wants the belief in molecules-to-man evolution taught as fact.

You guys, Ken Ham doesn’t know what “theory” means.

Ken Ham also doesn’t know the difference between “all the available evidence supports this theory” and “fact.”

Did you know that evolution does not even qualify as a valid scientific theory?

That link offers two reasons evolution is not a valid scientific theory: 1) You can’t see one species turn into another species. 2) God could’ve done all the things we typically attribute to evolution.

Proving once again that Ken Ham doesn’t understand evolution.

Also, secularists will gladly use the term “creationism,” seemingly indicating that it is a belief system, but most secularists avoid the term “evolutionism”?

That’s because Creationism is a belief. And evolution is not.

… the [UK] government has declared that the only starting point they accept to build a way of thinking to interpret life in regard to origins is naturalism or atheism. Really, the UK government is now declaring that the state religion is atheism, and that this must be imposed on students as fact.

That’s right: atheism is the state religion… for a country with an actual state religion.

Ironically, two paragraphs later, Ham points out that the government mandate references how “most mainstream Churches and religious traditions” support evolution… which contradicts the idea of this being all about atheism.

Which leads me to this conclusion:

Even Ken Ham doesn’t read Ken Ham.

Why is the United Kingdom in the state that it is in? One of the main reasons is because many Christian leaders have compromised God’s Word starting in Genesis by accepting man’s fallible opinions of evolution and millions of years.

I don’t know what “state” he’s talking about here, but I’m guessing elected officials, policy decisions, and worldwide economic trends have more to do with the state of the UK than the fact that not all citizens believe in bullshit.

If we cannot trust God’s Word in Genesis, how can we trust the Bible in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John? The simple answer is that we cannot, which is one of the major reasons youth are leaving the church in droves.

Huh. Okay, I actually agree with Ham here… I feel dirty now.

Directly contrary to what the documents state, observational science consistently confirms the Bible.

Except it doesn’t. We can even directly observe evolutionary changes happening in lab settings.

And if someone wants to point me to the observational evidence that a person can come back from the dead, I’d love to check it out.

And as I show very clearly in my recent debate with Bill Nye, biblical creationists can be great scientists producing innovation resulting in leading technological achievements.

I’m pretty sure it’s a law now that Ham has to mention that debate every time he writes anything…

In any case, a handful of Creationists may have made a few contributions to science, but they never involved disproving evolution. You don’t need to understand evolution to understand everything in the science world, just like you don’t have to understand economic theory to do well in the stock market.

But it sure as hell helps you get a fuller, deeper understanding of how the world work.

In other words, their starting point to discuss origins is that God has already been ruled out! Only one view is allowed to be taught to students — naturalism. Thus, no matter what evidence is found, students have to be taught to interpret that evidence within an atheistic framework.

The UK government’s starting point isn’t “God doesn’t exist.” It’s more like “we’ll go where the evidence leads.” If your God doesn’t make the cut, that’s your problem. (Though plenty of religious people will tell you they’ve found ways to reconcile the two worlds.)

And if Ham has some magical evidence of God’s existence that’s eluded all of us, I’m sure we’d all love to hear it.

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