Secular Invocation Delivered in Osceola County, Florida June 17, 2014

Secular Invocation Delivered in Osceola County, Florida

Last night, David Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community delivered a secular invocation to open up a meeting of the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners (in Florida):

Through the millennia we as a society have learned the best way to govern the people is for the people to govern themselves. Today, in this tradition, we travel from our homes and businesses across the county; citizens, staff, and those elected converge on this chamber to work as one community united and indivisible by nearly every measure. Each of us arrives as individuals with unique ideas and experiences but all… in a spirit of goodwill, to fulfill the needs of others.

Citizens request assistance and offer their concerns and we are ever grateful for their interest and for their trust in the process. Staff provides invaluable expertise in their particular field and we truly appreciate their continued service. Elected officials listen, debate, and choose the path forward for us all out of a sincere desire to serve and honor the people of Osceola County while shaping its future. We all offer our thanks in that often thankless task.

When we leave this chamber this evening let us carry with us this same spirit of service and goodwill tomorrow and every day that follows.

This is how we assemble to serve, and to govern, ourselves.

Beautifully done — and no mention of God needed.

It even got the attention of the local Fox affiliate:

CFFC plans to deliver several more invocations in the state. You can see their running list — along with a compilation of transcripts of secular invocations around the country — right here.

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