Sally Atwater (R), Running for Superintendent of Education in SC, Can’t Answer Basic Education-Related Questions June 16, 2014

Sally Atwater (R), Running for Superintendent of Education in SC, Can’t Answer Basic Education-Related Questions

Sally Atwater is a Republican running to become the Superintendent of South Carolina Schools.

And she just gave the most awful, incomprehensible, it-should-force-her-to-drop-out-of-the-race interview to 106.3 WORD-FM radio:

In response to whether she thinks sex education should be taught in the classroom, Atwater said… we should teach the health standards. When she gets elected, she’ll look into it, but for now, we should stick to the standards.

“What does that mean?” asked the host. Atwater had no response.

What about abstinence? Should that be taught in the classroom? She responded, “Yes. Yes I do.”

What about evolution and Creationism? What’s appropriate for the classroom?

Atwater: Again, I’m gonna go back to what our science standards are.

Host: [Pauses] What are our science standards?

Atwater: Well, our science standards just–that’s what we teach in our schools now!

Host: [Sarcastically] Oh, I know that. I just wonder if, specifically, you knew what they were. Since you want to be superintendent of education.

Atwater: Well, I do, but I’m not gonna go any further on that right now.

Host: … Okay. Thank you, Ms. Atwater. Good luck.

After the interview was over, the host, Russ Cassell, said on air:

Folks, I don’t want to be brutal. I don’t want to be mean. I just want to be realistic. What you have just heard is an example of a person running for public office, on name recognition only, who is clueless.

Clueless is putting it gently. Atwater wants to become the leader of the public schools in the state when she’s given no thought whatsoever to the controversial issues in the state. She’s an embarrassment who will only drag the state’s education system even further into the Stone Age.

Which, in Atwater’s mind, is probably about 30 years ago.

Atwater, if you’re unfamiliar, is the wife of Lee Atwater, a former advisor to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush and former chairman of the Republican National Committee.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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